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We are London-based employment lawyers focusing on a wide range of employment law and HR issues. We act for employers who include entrepreneurs, start-ups, established businesses and PLCs. We also act for senior employees. All of our employer clients are active in a range of sectors particularly financial services, investment, recruitment, manufacturing and retail, professional firms (including law firms), charities and schools.


We provide high quality, practical, commercial employment advice that lets you, as an employer, make the best decisions for your business. We want to get to know your culture so we can predict and prevent problems and, if issues do arise, provide you with the tactics and tools needed to tackle them confidently and effectively. We want to help your business succeed. We advise on the full raft of employment law and HR issues, including ‘one off’ issues, such as reducing or re-engineering the workforce, boardroom or partnership disputes, TUPE, buying or selling your business, through to the day to day employer HR issues including disciplinaries, grievances, capability or performance issues.


The majority of our individual clients are referred to us by people who have valued our advice in the past, or by other law firms. Our individual clients include directors, officers, partners and non-executive directors as well as employees at various management levels. The reason people refer clients to us is that we get results. When advising, we understand that to get the best result we need to go the extra mile and in many cases the answer to our clients’ problems may not lie in legal niceties, but in a more holistic approach which we can provide. Our work includes advising on negotiating departures from the business, settlement agreements for employees, team moves, restrictive covenants and service agreements.

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