Employment Heath Check

Employment and HR Audit Service to employers

It’s wise for you to review your terms, conditions and policies of employment every so often.

The regular changes to employment law and practice mean that not doing this isn’t an option.

We undertake a health check that will:

  • review your current arrangements
  • identify whether they comply with the law and follow good practice
  • help you identify and fix any weakness

There are significant benefits of having well written and up-to-date terms:

  • risk management:
  • people management:
  • insurance costs less:
  • kerb appeal:
  • reputation:
  • market value:

successful claims against you should be minimised
staff know where they stand and what to expect
employer liability and after-the-event insurers like audits
talented staff want to join you and stay loyal
customers or clients are keen to be associated with you
good terms and conditions will attract a higher price from a buyer

Our audits are carried out for a fixed price that depends on the size of your workforce and the size and structure of your existing terms, conditions and policies of employment.

If you have one of our audits you can also buy into our insurance protection scheme that is part of a complete package for dealing with employment issues and handling employment disputes.