Peace of Mind for Employers

We are there when you need us for day to day advice

HR Portal

Our clients can have 24/7 access to key documents and guidance through our HR Portal

Day to Day Advice

We also have a team of specialist lawyers available at the end of a telephone.

Many of our clients find the best way to deal with their day-to-day HR work and employment issues  is through our pay as you go Advisory Service which provides 15 minutes free advice on any single matter whichever team member you speak to.

The key value to our Advisory Service is that:

  • you have direct access to a specialist lawyer (and not a customer service help desk) for any queries;
  • you receive advice at an early stage so any problems can be anticipated and if possible avoided; and
  • you will be able to identify at the outset what is the most appropriate and effective way to use our services.