• Bonus and other incentive schemes;
  • Bullying and/or harassment in the workplace;
  • Consultancy agreements;
  • Discrimination;
  • Employment contracts and Service Agreements;
  • LLP agreements;
  • Moving to a competitor or starting up in competition;
  • Partnership agreements;
  • Redundancy;

  • Settlement or compromise agreements;


  • buying or selling a business or outsourcing a service;
  • confidentiality and restrictive covenants;
  • compromise and other settlement agreements – including relevant tax issues;
  • disciplinaries, grievances, capability or performance issues;
  • day to day HR support;
  • employment contracts, policies and handbooks, bonus and incentive schemes;
  • family-friendly issues including family leave and flexible working requests;
  • long-term illness or persistent intermittent sickness;
  • reducing or re-engineering the workforce;