Indie test

Bonus and other Incentive Schemes:
for senior employees and directors

Bullying and/or Harassment:
advising an employee on procedure and strategy

Confidential Information:
advising a senior banker, who was found to have removed sensitive information from his employer, on how to handle the investigation by his employer and the FCA ramifications as well as how to handle the discussions with the bank he was intending to join

Consultancy Agreements:
for consultants who are entering into a consultancy agreement after leaving employment

advising a female employee who was threatened with disciplinary action following an office party

advising female staff in the financial services industry on discriminatory actions by their employers and commencing legal proceedings

Enhanced Redundancy Payment:
negotiating on behalf of an employee who was refused by her employer a generous enhanced redundancy payment which she was entitled to

advising employees who are threatened with injunctions by former employers

LLP Agreements:
for salaried members exiting an estate agency

Negotiating Departures from a Business:
guiding a client to be in a position to instigate or provoke the business to instigate a discussion on departure and the terms of the exit

Partnership Agreements:
advising an employee and commencing claims against a financial institution that had unfairly selected the employee for redundancy for reasons related to associated disability

Restrictive Covenants:
advising senior employees on their restrictions and the likelihood of the company being able to enforce them

Retirement Agreements:
for partners in international law firms and separately, an ex-managing partner of a large regional firm

Settlement Agreements:
for senior employees and main board directors of listed and other companies

Service Agreements:
for main board directors of listed and other companies

Social Media:
for main board directors of listed and other companies

Team Moves/Moving to a Competitor:
advising a group of individuals on a move from one financial institution to another