Insurance Protection Scheme

Even the best run businesses will face employment claims at some point in their life.  Whether the claims are large or small, the costs involved in fighting them are significant and can affect the profitability of a business.

The answer to this threat is insurance, which is why, together with underwriters, we have created an Insurance Protection Scheme. Combined with access to day to day advice from our expert team of employment lawyers, it produces a complete package for dealing with employment issues, and handling employment disputes and claims.

Unlike legal expenses schemes which force you to use call centres and panel solicitors appointed by insurers, our Insurance Protection Scheme underwrites the cost of Golden Leaver defending your case and the value of any award made against your business if a claim is settled or lost.  This keeps you in control of the situation.

How our Insurance Protection Scheme works

Our Insurance Protection Scheme is made up of three components which have been designed to offer seamless financial and business continuity protection:-

  • Employment Heath Check – we undertake an audit of your current policies and practices to ensure that they comply with the law, and help you identify and fix any weakness in your documentation, training or HR systems.
  • Day to day advice – you use our team of specialist employment lawyers for ongoing support and advice. We know your business and understand your specific needs, is the key to avoiding the disruption of a claim arising to begin with. This not only ensures that each matter is properly handled from the outset but also make sure that you are fully insured when you follow the advice given.
  • Insurance policy – we are fully authorised by insurers to manage your claim. The policy fits with our services seamlessly and pays the legal costs of an employment dispute, covers settlements and the cost of awards. This radically minimises your exposure to unexpected financial loss and provides peace of mind.  In real terms this will often result in huge cost savings.

Subscribers to our Insurance Protection Scheme can take out Pursuit Insurance which covers the costs associated with protecting confidential information and business connections when an employee leaves to join a competitor.