Law Firms

Law firms have the same employment law and HR issues as other businesses, but tend to try and sort them out internally – either to maintain privacy, or because there’s an available internal lawyer. Inevitably, the internal lawyer then becomes less available to work for clients and generates less fee income. This can adversely affect profits at a senior level and morale or awkwardness at a lower level. Increasingly, law firms are therefore addressing their employment law and HR internal issues by instructing another law firm that isn’t a competitor, but knows about legal market sensitivities.

Our recent work includes:

  • working with a national UK firm on a retainer basis on all internal HR issues
  • advising a London-based US firm on an internal staffing issue
  • supporting law firms by providing an outsourced employment function on acquisitions
  • advising several law firms on partnership retirements and related issues
  • supporting law firms dealing with fee earner performance issues.

Our approach:

We work directly with your HR staff or Staff Partners. We aim to do so as closely as if we were on your payroll, but with the impartiality and service level that you should expect as a client. We provide you with an experienced lawyer, who understands the business model, who has worked at a senior level within a law firm, who can see the big picture and understands partner and member issues. This enables sensitive issues to be dealt with by experts in the field. Meanwhile your own fee earners remain available to generate fees from your clients and aren’t distracted by internal politics.