We work with a number of recruitment and search firms and provide employment law and HR advice for those firms. We also work with their clients and candidates, who often require advice about contractual terms and restrictions when a candidate is joining and leaving a business. We also help both individuals and businesses with team moves. Much of our advice in this area is strategic, as well as technical.

Even though search firms have considerable experience in the employment field, they sometimes find it difficult to deal with their internal HR issues and value our input as professionals who understand their business and have the independence and expertise to resolve them. However, the majority of our work arises from the Rec2Rec market, and team and individual moves between recruitment firms. We look to ensure that client relationships and confidential data are protected when this occurs. Search is particularly prone to these issues, because client and candidate relationships are both highly personal and sensitive.

Recent work includes:

  • working with a start up recruitment business on their terms and conditions with clients and their internal contracts for staff
  • advising a London based international firm on restrictions when employing new recruiters
  • advising the directors and shareholders of a recruitment firm on a director level departure
  • providing advice to clients and candidates of various recruitment firms on contractual issues including restrictions
  • supporting team moves
  • advising individuals and businesses who have been referred to us by recruitment and search firms on general employment issues.

Our approach:

We work directly with your directors and HR staff. In our experience, recruitment firms are commercially sophisticated and understand risk. We recognize this and as a result we are generally called upon at the very early stages of a team or individual move to help shape the strategy to be adopted. When advising a firm’s clients or candidates, the opposite occurs, because the relationship with the candidate is already cemented by the time we are involved and so we have to react quickly and sensitively to ensure that trust is retained between the potential employer and its new recruit, while at the same time dealing with difficult issues which might affect that relationship going forward.