We have experience of working with schools from their start up phase to advising and guiding well established schools. We understand that the issues schools have may not on the face of it be dissimilar to other sectors but the approach needed is not necessarily going to be the same. What may work in a ‘pure’ corporate setting may not have the same effect in a school. We know this and tailor our advice accordingly.

Our recent work includes:

  • drafting employment contracts and handbook
  • advising a start up school on how to recruit and avoid breaching restrictive covenants when recruiting from competitors.
  • advising on and managing a performance process.
  • advising and managing a disciplinary process where there has been an alleged breach of confidentiality.

Our approach:

We recognise that the greatest asset of any school is its teachers and support staff, but we also know that problems in this area can undermine the objectives of a school and what it is looking to achieve for its pupils. Our team of five experienced solicitors provide high quality, practical advice. We like to get to know your culture so we can predict and prevent problems and, if issues do arise, provide you with the tactics and tools needed to tackle them confidently and effectively.