Your Secret Solicitor

Individuals facing issues at work can feel their choices and options are closing down. But there are often a number of solutions available – it’s just a question of finding what’s right for you.


If you’re a senior investment banker, director, HR professional, solicitor, SVP or other senior executive or manager, you may have dealt with many redundancies and other terminations on behalf of an employer.
In that situation (and in your work generally) you’re used to being in control. You know the form. You know the signs. You know your worth. And you know the likely outcome (and that someone else will pay for it).
But it feels different when you’re the one who’s under pressure. It’s often political and (surprisingly) personal (and sometimes discriminatory). You lose control and are insecure. You’ll be concerned about your reputation and, if you have to leave, that your contribution will never be properly recognised.
That’s where I come in: I can help you analyse the problem, resolve it, regain control and map out your next steps in a way that will give you the confidence and ability to move on if you decide to leave.

Practicalities and costs

Our first meeting is vital. It sets the scene for what happens next. Typically it is structured as follows:

  • I look at your background, your history with your employer and key events and people. It’s this factual matrix that determines the approach we discuss later.
  • I analyse the contractual position in any employment contract, LLP agreement, bonus arrangement and deferred compensation arrangements.
  • I analyse the relevant employment legislation such as discrimination, whistleblowing and unfair dismissal.
  • If money is important (and it generally is), I set out a range of reasonable offers by putting a value on your contractual and statutory claims, and seeing where any offer on the table sits within this range. I also look at where in that range you’re looking to settle (and how to get there).
  • We will also discuss tactics and finding the solution that fits you best.

Track Record

I act for senior people in a variety of sectors, but particularly in investment banking, law, technology and recruitment. My work with High Net Worth individuals is recognised in Spear’s 500 as ‘Outstanding in Field’.

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